Weekly Recap 7/20 – 7/26

Week 3 of training for the Marine Corps Marathon and Richmond Marathon!

Marathon Training Recap

This was one of those rare weeks that I actually got all of my training miles in!

Monday – 5.1 miles.  It was a pretty unremarkable run.  Although, I did get to leave the treadmill and run outside, which is a win for sure!  Average pace: 9’37″/mile.

Tuesday – Back on the treadmill for 7 miles.  Now, usually running inside is a great way to beat the heat when you can’t get out for an early morning run…  But our “workout room” is not only located in the only un-air conditioned room in the house, It’s in our sunroom.  So I still need to get an early start to avoid roasting!  Brilliant, right?!   Average pace: 9’10″/mile.

Wednesday – Rest day!

Thursday – Another 5 miles on the treadmill before taking the kids to the pool.  Average pace: 9’11” /mile

I’ve kinda spent the entire summer in this spot.   😉

Friday – Another rest day.  I had a race coming up on Saturday, so I really wanted to take it easy.

Saturday – 8K for MS Trail Race. Now, I had never ran a trail race before, and had no idea what to expect.  I was actually quite nervous beforehand!  It ended up being a lot of fun! And I finished 3rd place overall!

(Race recap coming soon)!

Sunday – 12 miles.  Started out pretty slow, everything was still a little tired from Saturday’s race.

Just run

Met with a few members of my MRTT group for the first 6 miles, then finished the other 6 on my own.  That was my last long run under 13.1 miles until just before my marathon!  

Average pace: 9’45″/mile.

Overall, It was a solid week of training!  Fingers crossed it stays that way!  😉

What are you training for?  Have you ever ran a trail race?


  1. Lisa Davis says:

    Yay for getting those miles in! I can’t wait to hear about the race. I’ve been recently interested in trail runs. I’m 99% sure I’m doing a 20k trail run in September.

    • I actually enjoyed it quite a bit! The scenery was beautiful, and the slightly slower pace (due to the terrain), felt pretty good! (Of course, I was a little worried the whole time that I would twist my ankle, and completely derail my marathon training) 😉

  2. Sounds like an awesome week! Girl, you need to move that treadmill! Why torture yourself?!

    • Ugh, I know! But any other room, and it would just be in the way! Besides, Summer doesn’t last forever… (In a few months, I’ll be complaining about the cold, I’m sure). 😉

  3. Hi Karen,

    I’ve just discovered your site via Pinterest and it is a great insight for me to see your training programme.

    I begin my running routine tomorrow (I’m flying today) and hope for running to become a frequent part of my lifestyle.

    Do you remember how long it took you to start averaging around 9 minute miles (or just over as you quote here).

    BTW congratulations on finishing 3rd in that trial run.

  4. Last week was the opposite for me — I had to cut one of my runs short. Just one of those days when NOTHING clicks into place. Good for you on completing another training week strong!

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