Weekly Marathon Training Recap 9/7 – 9/13

What a week!  


I’m a few days late with  my recap, but better late than never, right?!

We’ll just jump right in…

Monday – Labor Day. We pushed our long run, (usually on Saturday) to Monday because of the holiday.  So the week started with 16 miles.  Not a bad run, but we (my husband and I), got a pretty late start so it was midday and super hot by the time we finished, and our pace was slower than we’d hoped, but I tend to not beat myself up over pace on a long run.

Tuesday – Rest day.

It was also the first day of preschool for my youngest!


Very handsome and serious for the first day of school!

Also, first day with students for me!  So a pretty exciting day all around!

Wednesday – Woke up early to get some miles in.  I was on the treadmill by 5:00 AM.

marathon training recap

Obviously, I run for coffee! 

Thursday and Friday – Unplanned rest days.  It was a mix of not waking up early, still getting used to working again, and knowing that I had a lot of mileage planned for the weekend…  so I just let these miles go.  I’m not going to worry too much about missing them.

Saturday – Long run day and my first 20 miler for this round of marathon training!  I ran with my husband and Alex, a friend of ours.  Alex is also training for the Richmond Marathon.  We got a nice early start a little before 6, and the beginning of the run was great!  Cool, and overcast…  but at mile 7 it started to rain just a bit, and the rain just got heavier as the run went on.

Rainy day marathon training

This was at the end of the run, and you may not be able to see it in this bad picture, but it was just a downpour! 

Still, we got our 20 miles in, and our pace wasn’t too bad.  In the summer, I really like to run in the rain!  But after an hour or two, I was cold and wet!

Saturday evening we had a family wedding to go to, and luckily the weather cleared up and it was a really nice evening!  Always a good time when we get to dress up and put our dancing shoes on!

Marathon Training Recap

We clean up pretty nicely…

Marathon Training Recap

Not all these children are ours.


Arguably the best wedding favor ever!

Sunday – After a 20 miler, and a late night wedding, I was kind of wishing that I hadn’t planned a run for my MRTT group.  It would have been really easy to just sleep in Sunday morning!

But, I got up and ran 5.2 miles, and of course, I’m glad I did!  Average pace: 9:28 /mile.

Total miles for the week: 46

So now, the Marine Corps Marathon is 6 Weeks out, and the Richmond Marathon is 9!

I’m getting pretty excited!!

How is your training going?  Do you like running in the rain?

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  1. Handsome and serious for sure!! I’m pretty sure that Saturday was something else also…. 😉

  2. My last few long runs have been in the rain. I don’t mind because its been pretty hot here in Michigan.

    My first marathon is in December so my longest sun so far has been 12 miles. It’s crazy, every time the mileage jumps I think no way can I do that, but I do!

    • You know, I still get nervous before a long run! I’m not sure why that is, but I totally still think there’s no way I can do that, (even though I know I can). You’ll do great!!

      It’s been hot here too, up until this weekend… which felt suspiciously like fall. 😉

  3. I love running in the rain as long as it’s a warm rain!! Great job this week!!

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