Week 13 of Richmond Marathon Training – Peak Week

And just like that…  It’s time to taper!

Ah!  I am getting so close to race day!  This was a big running week.  (perhaps that’s why I am almost a week late in posting about it?)  😉

Tuesday –  4.4 miles

Wednesday – 12 Miles

Thursday – 6 miles

Friday – rest day

Saturday – 5 miles

Sunday – 22 miles!

For Sunday’s run, we woke up super early and headed down to Richmond to run with my Sister in Law.  We got down there just before 7 and ran the first 20 miles of the marathon course!  It is such a pretty run!

  Polaroid CUBE

Sunrise at the start of a beautiful run!

I also brought along my new tiny camera.  I no longer carry my phone with me on my runs, and I missed having the camera on hand because you never know what you’re going to see out on a run!

Polaroid CUBE

Of course, with a camera at the ready, selfies are a little too tempting

We took this one easy and just tried to enjoy our longest training run.  And we really did…

Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBE

Richmond really is a beautiful city!

Polaroid CUBE

So excited to see this view on race day!

Polaroid CUBE

My sister in law is training for her first marathon, and she is doing awesome!  I’m so proud of her, she ran 20 miles, her longest run yet!    Zach and I had 22 miles on the schedule, so when we finished at the car, we circled around and got our last 2 miles in.  All in all it was a great way to finish up this round of training.  We had fun, got a preview of race day, and I felt great!

Its so encouraging!  I am feeling so much more prepared for this 26.2 coming up, and I can’t wait to run!

Now its time to taper, and I no longer know what to do with myself…  😉

Do you enjoy tapering before a race, or does it drive you crazy?  

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  1. I really enjoyed my taper this time around! Embrace it! It’s there for a reason! what is the camera you are using?

    • Thanks! Problem is, I think I’m embracing it a little too much this time. 😉
      The camera is a Polaroid Cube. It’s a neat little gadget. In fact, I just wrote a little more about it in another blog post. 🙂

  2. ahh this weekend is my first 20+ of this training cycle and right now I’m feeling great, so hoping that lasts until this weekend!!

    • Good luck on your long run! Feeling great going into it, makes all the difference in the world! I was actually looking forward to this one, instead of worried/dreading it, and I had a great time! 😉

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