Training Recap and Race Updates

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Training Recap, so I’m pretty excited to get back into it!

Training Recap and Race Updates

So, what am I training for?  That is an excellent question…  because, I’m not really sure.

This next week should officially start my Richmond Marathon training.  It would be my third year in a row running it, and it is one of my all time favorite races.  BUT, I haven’t signed up yet, and honestly, I’m not sure I will.  Since my first marathon just over two years ago, I’ve ran one or two each spring and fall…  and I think I’m a little tired.

Anyway, I will probably start my training plan, and decide later before I get too far in.  (Although, let’s be real, I’m sure to suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), and will probably sign up anyway).  😉

So, how did this week go?

I only got a few miles in this week.  Lots of heat, and family time, and pool time.  Not a lot of running.

Tuesday – The stars aligned and all three of my kids were somewhere else, (sleepovers, kindergarten camp), and I actually had some time to myself to go outside for a run!  I got five sweaty miles in before picking up my girls from their friends’ house.

Training Recap and Race Updates

That’s not sweat, its sparkle.

5 miles, pace – 9’49”

Thursday – back on the treadmill.  Still had to get my run in early though, because my home gym is in a super sunny room, and gets quite toasty.

5 miles, pace – 8’51”

That evening we took the kids to the park for a long walk.  Why? Well, to catch Pokemon!  Do you play?  I can’t believe how many people were at the park with their phones out playing this game!

Training recap and race updates

Taking a break from chasing Pokemon, to chase some real animals.

Saturday – I decided at the last minute to run a local trail race.  I ran the 8K For MS race last year, and it was a really great race, so even though I am nowhere near racing shape right now, I wanted to throw this one on my schedule.

(Last year I placed 3rd overall, while this year I placed 3rd in my age group, if that shows you where I stand right now).

Training Recap and Race Updates

I was running this one for fun, because I haven’t ran a race since early spring, and I was itching to pin a bib on.  😉

The runners hydrated with Nuun after the race, thanks to Jeremy at, which was super awesome because Saturday was the hottest day of the year so far!  (Also super awesome because I left my phone in the car and Jeremy snapped this pic.  Always fun to meet new running friends)!

Now, onto some really exciting news!

While I may or may not be running a marathon this fall, I do have a couple incredible races planned!

First, in September, I am thrilled to be traveling to Washington to run the Ragnar Trail Cascades Relay with Team Nuun!!  I have  no experience with a Ragnar race, and very little experience with trail running, but I absolutely could not be more excited for this adventure!  I just wish it were September already!

Next, I am happy to announce that I was chosen to be an ambassador for the Annapolis Running Classic in Annapolis, MD!!  So, November 19th I will be in Annapolis running the half marathon!  Should be an incredible time, and I’ll have more on that race and my training later…

But for now, if you’d like to join me, you can use my discount code, (KARENGOESRUNNING16) and save 10% on your entry!  Hope to see some of you there!!

What fall races are you training for?  Have you ever ran a Ragnar Trail Relay?

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  1. You have some exciting things coming up!

    Congrats on you AG award!

  2. Ragnar has been a dream of mine for years! I need to try to do whatever it takes to make it happen in 2017!

    I’ll be doing the Philly Marathon this year – my first! Congrats on your ambassadorship! I ran Annapolis last year – such a tough course – but it’s the same weekend as the Philly Marathon this year 🙁

    Oh and congrats on the AG win! I think I have a few more decades before I’ll win one of those, haha!

    • Karen G says:

      Thanks! (Seriously, AG awards only happen for me at super small local races). 😉

      I am so excited for Ragnar! I’ve been wanting to run one forever, (especially a trail race)!

      Good luck in Philly this year! The Philly marathon is definitely on my list of races to run!

  3. So many great races coming up and congrats on the ambassadorship! That will be awesome. And I love that your stars aligned 😀 ah kids.

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