PrAna + Organic Valley Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by prAna through my affiliation with FitApproach, as always, all opinions are my own.

The kids are back to school, and I’ll be heading back this week as well…  I guess that means that fall is right around the corner!  Now, I love fall, I do… sweaters, and boots, and cooler weather, (and yes, pumpkin spice as well)…  But I’m a summer kind of gal.  So saying goodbye to the days of summer is gonna be hard!

You know what makes it easier?!  PrAna has debuted their new fall line!

To kick it off, I’ve joined with prAna to give you a chance to win!

prAna and Organic Valley Giveaway!

What’s your favorite #WeirdWorkout?

prAna has teamed up with Organic Valley and is offering up 10 people a chance to win in $300 worth of prAna gear and a two-month supply of Organic Fuel from Organic Valley!!

Enter To Win

Here are the contest details:

  There are six ways to play and 10 people will win.

The contest runs from August 15 – 31st, 2016. Ten winners will swing away with some awesome Organic Fuel swag, a two-month supply of Organic Fuel and $300 in credit to use on!

Enter Now

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What’s the Weirdest Workout you’ve tried?!  Do you really like Pumpkin Spice? 


  1. Thanks for the great giveaway! i love pumpkin flavored things but don’t go crazy over the PSL. I can’t think of a super weird workout, but one time a yoga instructor had us run around the room during yoga class haha.

    • I’m a sucker for Pumpkin spice for about a week… then I’m over it until the following year. 😉 I had a hard time thinking of a weird workout as well, apparently I’m a big fan of the classics.

  2. sounds like an amazing giveaway! i adore pumpkin spice and ahh, it reminds me the summer is coming to a close!!!!

  3. I don’t think I consider any of my workouts weird haha. Maybe push rooms in the bathroom while getting ready for work? lol!

    • I agree, turns out I don’t get very creative with my workouts!
      Although, I think I did “Sweating to the Oldies” once as a kid… 😉

  4. Looks like a lot of fun. I have a pair of jeans from prAna that I love!!

  5. Ooh I keep seeing this giveaway everywhere today. It’s a good one!

  6. I’m with you…I love Summer, the long days and nights and wish it could stick around for a little bit longer, but Fall clothes and pumpkin flavored everything makes the transition a little bit easier 🙂

    • Definitely makes it a little easier…
      I think I could actually love Fall, but I know Winter is just behind, and I do not love that! 😉

  7. I admit it, I’m a PSL girl. Hahahaha.
    Weird workout? I don’t know. Surf set it different, but super fun!

    • I’m a fan of PSL myself, but I’m over it pretty quickly… (Peppermint Mocha is where my heart really lies). 😉

  8. So fun! I LOVE Prana!!

  9. Weirdest workout I ever tried was a burlesque class for a friend’s bachelorette party. It was hilarious and awkward but also really fun.

  10. Oh weirdest workout… can’t really think of anything. PSL I’m a big pumpkin spice fan but so many fails with products in the past but love my PSL candles, drinks, smoothies, and oats!

    • I’m a big fan of pumpkin spice for the most part, but they sure do over saturate the market with pumpkin in the fall! Good thing it only happens once a year! 😉

  11. Hmm, the weirdest workout…I once spent two solid hours learning the dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, which totally qualifies as a workout!

  12. probably the weirdest workout i have tried (but one that i loved) was a yoga/hula hoop fusion class. it was a blast. half yoga, half hula hooping for 75 minutes! such fun!

    • That sounds so fun! I’ve played with hula hoops with my kids recently, and its not easy! I bet that was a great workout!

  13. Ooo I love me some prAna!
    I think the weirdest workout I ever did was in a theater class…we had to do yoga poses while we pretended we were on a sinking ship.

  14. Pumpkin is such a great fall flavor. Now I want a pumpkin spice chai latte! Fingers crossed for the Organic Valley Fuel!

    • Yep, all this talk of pumpkin, and I have seriously been craving a pumpkin spice latte since posting this! 😉
      Good luck with the giveaway!

  15. What a great giveaway! I’d love some new gear!
    Weirdest workout? I can’t think of one, but I used to fit 15 min yoga sessions into work breaks.

    • Love my prana gear!
      I don’t really do weird workouts either… but I like the idea of fitting yoga sessions into work breaks! I may have to try that more!

  16. Seriously awesome giveaway!

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