Marathon Training, My One Year Blogiversary, and a Giveaway!

Oh my goodness, I almost missed it!

One Year Blogiversary and Giveaway

The original look of Karen Goes Running!

I can’t quite believe that it has been a full year since I hit “Publish” on my first post!  I wasn’t sure where this blog would take me, and honestly I’m still not sure.  😉  But, I am pretty happy with my little corner of the internet!

When I started this blog, I was beginning to train for the Richmond Marathon.  Now, one year later, I am once again training for the Richmond Marathon, and also the Marine Corps Marathon.  I am a little nervous about running 2 marathons within 3 weeks, but I am so excited for both of them!

So here is how my training went this past week…

Monday – Rest day.

Tuesday – 4 miles.  3 easy miles, and the last mile at a faster pace.  My kids went to a movie with their Nana, so I was super happy to get off of the treadmill and run outside!

Let's get sweaty

And sweaty I got!

The heat and humidity this week was no joke!  Still a good run though, and avg pace was 9’17” per mile.

Wednesday – 6 miles on the treadmill.  The problem with running on the treadmill during the summer, is not the treadmill itself… We have a pretty good working relationship, I can appreciate having that option when I just can’t get out to run.  BUT, in the Summertime when the kids are around, I am Stopping. Every. Couple. Of. Minutes!  “Mom!  Can I have a drink?!”  “Mom!  I need to Potty!”  “Are you done running yet?!”

So fun!

While it wasn’t my best run, my average pace was 9’03” not including all my unplanned breaks.  😉

Thursday – Thursday was a cross training day.  I didn’t do anything specific, but I spent the day preparing for our weekend.  We were heading to Westmoreland State Park on Friday, and there was a lot to do to get ready.

(I mean, Somebody had to buy the marshmallows, right?!)

Friday – A quick 4 miles before leaving town.  Average pace: 8’49”

camping at Westmoreland

Home Sweet Home for the weekend.

If you’ve never been to Westmoreland State Park, in Virginia, it really is a beautiful place!  The weather was hot, but there is so much to do!  We arrived and set up our campsite, and then headed to the beach for a bit.

camp39 camp41 campprofile2

Westmoreland actually has 2 beaches.  The second one is called Fossil Beach.  Now, I don’t really know much about Fossils, but I do know that you can sometimes find some pretty impressive sharks teeth!



And, the beach itself is really pretty!

Saturday and Sunday – Zero miles.  Yep, you read that right, I completely skipped out on my weekend miles.  Luckily, it’s still early in training and I don’t think that it put me back any.


Too relaxing to stop and go for a run!

So that’s how week 2 of training went!  Now, for the exciting stuff…

In honor of my first year as a blogger, and to celebrate the commencement of another round of marathon training, I am giving away a few of my race training must haves!  I will be picking one winner to receive the entire prize pack!  Pretty exciting, right?!  😉


First off, one of the hardest parts of training for a Fall race is running through the Summer heat!  It is so important to stay hydrated, and it’s no secret that my favorite way to stay hydrated is with Nuun Hydration!  If you haven’t tried Nuun Active Hydration tabs, they are fabulous!  And if you win, I’ll send you two tubes of Nuun, whichever flavors you choose!

The other two items are great to help ease your tired legs as you pile on the miles!  I am giving away one pair of S/M Ragnar Orange Pro Compression Marathon Socks!  (These socks feel so good during/after every run)!  And (My very best running friend), A 6 x 12 LuxFit High Density Foam Roller!  Seriously, I love my foam roller!  There is nothing better when my muscles are tired and sore from the beating they take as I train for a marathon!

Want to win?  Enter below!

If you don’t want to wait and see if you’re a winner to try Nuun Hydration, you can use my friends and family code NuunSummer15 through 7/23/15 at Nuun for 20% off most items!

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Good Luck!!

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  1. My training must have is a good foam roller!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! Looks like an awesome week of training!

  3. Congrats on your blog-a-versary! Gotta enjoy those summer weekends while you can, even if it means blowing off a run or two. Mental health weekends are my favorite way to stay in shape. 🙂

  4. We have some of the same must-haves. My must haves are Nuun, Pro Compression and Ice

  5. Happy blogiversary! Looks like a great weekend and the perfect excuse to skip a run:)

  6. Nuun is key to my summer runs. It’s the only hydration I use!

  7. Congratulations on your one yr anniversary. I love Nuun and am always wearing those pro compression socks after a long run.
    I bet you had so much fun at the beach!

  8. Jeffrey says:

    Congrats on one year! My must have training tool is my Garmin, I love setting up intervals!

  9. Long runs I like my compression socks, hot days I need my hat

  10. Sarah N says:

    GU for long runs, sunscreen and electrolyte tabs for summer runs.

  11. Laurel C says:

    I also have to have Nuun for my runs (long, short, fast, slow, everything!) I also make sure to dress in my lightest clothes

  12. I tried Nuun on a whim at a race expo and I’m in LOVE!

  13. Of course you know I love some Nuun too! I skipped out on 1/2 weekend runs and felt badly but am hoping since it’s earlyishin training it’s not too bad, esp since I got my long run in. As far as other training essentials I love me some banana & PB, protein powder, and foam roller!

  14. My Hokas are must have

  15. Congrats on the anniversary! My training must have is a good, fresh pair of shoes!

  16. When I’m training I’ve gotta have some Nuun, my great Janji gear, and plenty of honey stinger waffles

  17. Happy blogiversary!
    I’m a big fan of compression socks, foam rolling and body glide for training must haves!

  18. Amanda C. says:

    Happy Blogiversary! I am a nuun fan as well! Watermelon and Strawberry Lemonade are my must haves. In the summer, post-long run smoothies are my go-to.

  19. Laura Royal says:

    Gotta have my gps watch.

  20. Tammy Mcconnell George says:

    my Brooks, I-Pod and my Polar. Afterwards….icy hot and foam roller.

  21. compression socks are amazing!!!

  22. Water, cooling towel, and honey stingers

  23. Katrina J says:

    great shoes!

  24. paige c says:

    I always wear compression socks!

  25. A good pair of running shoes is important.

  26. In the summer, a good electrolyte drink is a must have.

  27. GPS watch or app, water, sweet potatoes & bananas, ice baths, foam rolling and good sleep!

  28. Need to have my gps with me

  29. Emily N. says:

    I’ve got to have comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and my ipod.

  30. A great pair of shoes and my fitbit.

  31. Cora Kirkpatrick says:

    Happy Blogaversary! My training must haves are Brooks and Trident Spearmint gum!

  32. NIce to see you enjoyed your weekend away! You’ll get those miles in, no worries!

  33. Something to hold my hair back and sunglasses.

  34. I need water and music! (Or water and good company.)

  35. I need water, great shoes, and a Sparkle Skirt at all times…and serious compression and tape for the long runs! Congrats on your bloggiversary!

  36. Sadie B. says:

    I need a great hat and compression socks.

  37. I need compression socks and would love to have them in the Ragnar orange!!

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