Marathon Training 2/16 – 2/22

How’s the weather where you are?!  Here, it’s been another snowy, COLD week for marathon training.  Not once did I get to run outside…  and I have made peace with that.  (Sort of).  In fact, I have no desire to run outside until the temps reach 50!  (Well, almost…)  😉


Hobbes and I are totally on the same page.

Here’s how my week went:

Monday: Planned rest day

Tuesday and Wednesday:  Snow days, and kids home from school = unplanned rest days.

Thursday: 4 miles.  3 miles at a easy, comfortable pace and the last mile at a quicker pace.

Not a bad run, everything felt good, and my average pace was 9’22”


And on the plus side, at home on my treadmill, I can wear a way too big race shirt (which is what I get for registering the morning of a race), and way too small running capris!  No judgement here!  😉 

Friday: 8 miles before the kids come home from school, and before heading to the grocery store to stock up, because as you probably guessed, we were expecting more snow!

Now, I know…  the kids were in school, so I should have ran outside, right?!


Wrong!  That’s Cold! and I am apparently, a big baby…  

Saturday: 5 easy miles on the Treadmill while about 9 inches of snow fell.  Average pace was 9’18”

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (1)

My window before, and after.  I really steamed it up in there!  But, on the plus side, I got to watch water drops racing down the window!  😉

Sunday:  Long run day!  Fortunately I was stepping back this week, and only had a half marathon on the training plan.  Because 13 on the treadmill is a lot easier to manage than 20!  I decided to watch “Prefontaine” on Netflix during my run.


Perfect movie choice!

The movie was good!  Have you seen it?  It’s the story of a runner, so with lots of race scenes, I’d find myself running faster!  (Then dialing it back a little, because I’d never finish 13 at that pace).  😉   I’d definitely recommend it, especially on a long treadmill run!

Mileage: 13.1  Avg pace: 9:28

snowday treadmill

At this point, my feet were the only part of me that was “picture worthy”  😉

Here’s to a little sunshine next week!

How do you get through a long treadmill run?  Have you seen “Prefontaine”?

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  1. OMG, how have I not seen Prefontaine?! And it’s on Netflix? I know what I’m watching on my next run!!!

  2. Prefontaine is going on my must watch list. I am picturing you (and me when I watch it) getting all pumped up Eye of the Tiger style!

    • It was totally like that! And I didn’t even realize I was speeding up, until I’d step on the front of the treadmill, off the belt, and almost fall! (I did that more times than I’d care to admit). 😉

  3. The longest run I’ve ever done on the treadmill was 10 miles and I listened to my iPod the entire time… I was so sick of my music after that! Prefontaine is the perfect long-run watch though I’m not sure any movie could get me through a 20-miler on the treadmill!

    I had to pin that Prefontaine image. It rocks. And now I want to re-watch the movie but actually pay attention 🙂 I watch movies while running on the treadmill but don’t always pick up the audio very well. Even watching that guy run is motivating, without audio!

    • I actually watched it with the Closed Captioning on… my treadmill isn’t exactly the quietest. 😉 (And I liked having something to focus on)
      8 miles is my magic number, anything over 8 on a treadmill is amazing!!

  4. Great job with your training week! Sometimes I wish I had a treadmill in my apartment but I can’t resist torturing myself by running outside in these crazy cold temps!

  5. The weather lately has just plain sucked. I’m so ready for Old Man Winter to make his departure and for Spring to get here!

  6. Hi Karen, I co-host the Fit Dish with Jess and wanted to say thank you for linking up and joining the #fitfam! Your picture worthy comment made me laugh 🙂

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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