Marathon Training 1/19 – 1/26



Blue Ridge Marathon Training – Week 4

4 Weeks into my “official” training for my next marathon, and I haven’t done a weekly recap yet.  So, I figured it was about time!   Besides, I think I need that extra “push” in the coming weeks, because I have been going easy on myself up until now.  With snow days, and having things come up, I’ve skipped a few runs, and my weekly mileage is way below where it should be!


Monday – Rest day!  It was also MLK day, so I was home with the kids anyway.  I took my “rest” pretty seriously, in fact, I’m not sure I even got out of my pajamas that day.  😉

Tuesday – Plan: 5 miles.  After doing some work at home and then running errands, time got away from me and I missed the 2 hour window for my gym’s childcare, so I didn’t run.  (I’ve mentioned before how much I detest my jogging stroller, right)?!

Wednesday – Plan: 8 miles.  Snow day and zero miles.  (See what I mean about slacking)?!  😉

Thursday – Plan: 6 miles.  Thursday’s are treadmill days, so I was pretty happy to run the previous day’s 8 miles.


Not everyone loves treadmills, but they definitely have a place in training.  Particularly when doing intervals!  This is exactly the kind of run I like on a treadmill.  Constantly changing my pace keeps the run from getting boring, and its so easy to pay close attention to your time and speed.   I ended up with 8.35 miles, with an average pace of 8’57”

Friday – Plan: Cross train.  I was still trying to make up miles though, so I went for a run instead.  This time I was able to get outside.  I have to admit, although I can tolerate running in the winter, I do not enjoy it!  I am so so ready for a little Springlike weather!


It may not be anywhere close to Spring yet, but I can dress like it is!

This was an challenging run.  I felt like I was running fast, and running hard, but the pace on my watch was not reflecting that.  (In fact, I kept looking to make sure I hadn’t lost satellite).  😉

Saturday – Another icy snowy day, and I have no good reason for not running.

Sunday – Long run day!  My husband and I weren’t able to run together this time.  So, he ran first and then I ran.  By the time I got out the door, it was a little later than I liked running, and I just wanted to get home and eat lunch!  So I ran faster than I usually do for a long run, and cut it a few miles short.


I actually felt great on this run!  I paid closer attention to my form, and it really seemed to help.  Such a good run makes me think I think I need to work on pushing my long slow runs a little more from here on out.

After my long run, we celebrated a very important day… My birthday!  (It was actually the next day, but don’t you think Sunday is a better day for celebrating)?  😉

I mentioned in my last post that I decorated cakes, but I’ll tell you, the real talent lies in my children…


Gorgeous, right?!

They also made me the best gift ever!  Just what I wanted..!


Race Entries!

Don’t worry, my husband assured me they were redeemable.  😉

All in all, it was a pretty good birthday.  Although, I’m still not quite OK with the fact that I’m now 34!  (Yikes)!  And to think, I didn’t run my first full mile until I was almost 31.  I just wish I had realized in my teens or twenties how much running didn’t suck…  Guess I have a lot of missed time to make up for!  😉

Do you prefer running in the Winter or Summer?   Have you always been a runner, or were you late to the game like me?

Happy Running!

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  1. Oh wow! I had no idea you were doing Blue Ridge!! I’ve heard it’s a tough one! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!

    • I’ll admit, Blue Ridge was not my idea! 😉 I was hoping to do something a little flatter, and faster, but I go roped into it. So, The plan is to take that one easy, and try again a month later for a faster run. (If I can still move)! 😉

  2. Happy birthday, lady!! I’m so glad you had a great one!
    This awful winter garbage weather is making it tough on training this year. You’re doing great and I love that long run pic!

    • Haha! It’s amazing how much better my form is when I know there’s a camera! 😉
      And thanks! It was a great birthday! (Its just too bad there’s so many candles on the cake nowadays….)

  3. Happy Birthday!! I’m a late to the game runner too, only 1 year under my belt. This is my first winter running and I’m feeling pretty confident that I prefer the summer. At least with the summer, I’ll go out and try to run. The winter just makes me want to not even open the door.

  4. When I lived back East I preferred spring and fall running but now that I live in Southern California I just like running year-round. And I love that quote about your comfort zone 🙂

    • If I’ve learned anything from following runners on social media, its that I should probably be living in Southern California, or Arizona! 😉
      I’m so jealous of your year-round weather!

  5. Happy birthday! How sweet that they decorated a cake for you! Sprinkles are the best! We’ve had some spring-like weather in Texas this week and it’s been great for running.

    • Thanks! It was pretty sweet. 🙂
      I think if I could just get a day or two of Spring like weather, then February would be a little more bearable. 😉

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