Fall Style with prAna and a Discount

Fall Style with prAna

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Fall is here!

One of my absolute favorite parts of the season is the fashions.  When the weather turns colder, is there really anything better than getting cozy in warm, comfortable fall styles?   And, if you ask me, nobody does fall like prAna.  I have been very fortunate to review the new prAna fall line for the last few years, (you can read about it here and here) and they never disappoint.

prAna Fall Style

What I love about prAna’s clothes, is that they are made for movement!  My prAna clothes are perfect for just about any adventure.

Another thing I love about prAna? Their commitment to sustainability.

From the materials they use, to the packaging they ship, every step is taken with the environment in mind.   So I know I can feel good about purchasing prAna.

So, how about the clothes?

Love them!  The first piece I tried out was the Mantra Pant

The Mantra Pants are made from Hemp and Recycled Polyester.   I usually wear tighter pants, so when I put on these loose flowing pants, I wanted to live in them!  The second best thing about these pants, (after comfort) is how versatile they are!  I dressed them up with a nice shirt and a pair of heels for work, and they looked fantastic.

But then they were also perfect for a yoga session and a short hike with the kids.

Like I said, I could live in these!

Please don’t mind my terrible toenails!  After my Appalachian Trail hike I lost two.  (Yikes!)

To finish off my “Athleisure” look

I also tried out the Rockaway Jacket, which is a full zip, fleece hoodie.  The jacket is soft and warm, and made with Recycled Polyester.

The details are what makes this jacket.  The cut and the unique stitching of this jacket is really flattering, and not at all boxy or baggie like many hoodies.  Plus the sleeves have thumb holes!  (and I won’t lie, I LOVE anything with thumb holes).

I think this jacket would also look great with a pair of jeans, (Like the Kara Jean, My most favorite jeans ever!)

So here’s what I’ve notice while reviewing prAna, I am never disappointed.  I’ve been completely happy with every piece I’ve bought or worn.  The fit is wonderful, and they have all held up through a lot of wear, (and I mean A LOT of wear).  prAna is one of the few clothing companies that I don’t mind buying online, because I am confident that I’ll be happy with anything I get.

Think you may want to give prAna a try? Already love prAna?  You’re in luck!  I have an exclusive discount code to save you 15% off your entire order until November 17, 2017!

Use MMKGF17 at prAna.com

What’s your favorite part of Fall?  Have you tried prAna?


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  1. That outfit looks great on you! I love PrAna and wear it often. I love that their sizing is so consistent I can buy online and everything fits perfectly.

  2. Cute outfit! I keep meaning to try some of their clothes…

  3. It all looks soooo comfy. I’m going to have to check out their website!

  4. I love that jacket! So cute!

  5. The pants look super comfy. I am loving the fall line this year so much to choose from

  6. I love Prana clothes! I have the same pant. And I really love this knit sweater I got last fall; it’s perfect for throwing on over a tank for warm yet crisp fall days.

  7. Cute clothes! I do not own an Prana clothing. May have to use that discount code. Thanks!

  8. oh man all of these items look so cumfy! My mom likes Prana, I need to check their products out for sure

  9. I got those pants but they were sooooooo long on me! They were adorable and so comfy though. I wish they were just a tad shorter. You look so cute in these outfits!!

  10. I really like the hoodie!

  11. Love these fashion ideas!

  12. Cute stuff! Prana is the best.

  13. I love prAna’s clothes so much! *-* That Rockaway Jacket is adorable! <3

  14. The Rockaway Jacket is so nice. My good friend has one. I keep telling her I am going to steal it from her. I will be telling my husband to buy it for me for my birthday!

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