5 Reasons You Should Run the Flying Pig Marathon

Can you believe it’s already the second week in December?!  As 2016 is coming to a close, I’ve started looking ahead towards my 2017 race schedule…

And I am so super excited to be heading back to where it all began.  To the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, OH!  The Flying Pig was my first marathon back in May 2014, and I had probably the most fun a person can have while running 26.2 miles.

So, If you are searching for an awesome spring race, here are five reasons you should join me in May!

Flying Pig Marathon

1. The Theme – Did you know that Cincinnati was once the largest pork-producing city in the world?  In fact, it was even nicknamed “porkopolis.”

During race weekend, everyone really gets into it, and the whole thing is so much fun! You see pig hats, and wings, and snouts all through the race!  Each year has a different “Pig” theme.  And it was just announced this week that the theme for 2017 is “Pigmoji!”

Flying Pig Marathon

Finally, a race that understands my love for, and overuse of emojis!  😉

2. The “Swag” – Some of you may not get excited about race premiums… but if you do, this is the race for you.  Each runner gets a technical shirt, premium bag, limited-edition poster, and virtual goodie bag.

Flying Pig Marathon

If you follow my instagram, then you’ve probably seen my 2014 poster above my treadmill…  What a great souvenir!

Then there is the finisher’s medal, which is hands down my favorite.  Its a two-sided medal, with the front of the pig on the front, and the pig’s behind (curly tail and all) on the back!

3. The City – I moved away from Ohio many years ago, but love to come back whenever I can.  Cincinnati is really a neat place.  If you come into town for the race, I highly suggest you take an extra day or two and explore the city.

4.  The Course – Speaking of exploring the city, what better way to see the sights than running through them?!  The Flying Pig has a great course.  While there are some hills, I don’t think they are too bad… just enough to keep it interesting.  You’ll get a chance to run through two states, (Ohio and Kentucky) some beautiful neighborhoods and bridges, and then end at the Finish “Swine.” (See what they did there?!)  😀

5. The Support – The best part of the course though?  The support!  The spectators and volunteers are amazing!  So much energy and encouragement the entire way.  They absolutely kept me going when I was starting to fade.

Flying Pig Marathon

Such an incredible moment!  Before this, I thought I might actually finish a marathon when pigs fly.

Not looking for a full marathon?  There is also a half marathon, a 10k, a 5k, and just about any combination of those distance!  Seriously, there is a race for everyone, (even your dog)!

Hope to see you in May!

What’s your favorite spring race?  Have you ran the Flying Pig? 

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  1. Haha that medal sounds awesome!! Do they give you bacon at the finish line?? That would be the best/slightly nauseating after running 26.2 miles haha

    • I ran my first full marathon here in May, one of the stations was actually giving out bacon strips on the course!!! This is a great environment for a first timer, however, the hills are frequent and quad crushing!

  2. BEST marathon name! Sounds like fun! My friends and I actually have a email chain going around right now, trying to plan a Spring race. It looks like it is going to be a half marathon and I can’t wait. Have a great weekend!

  3. I’ve heard great great things about the Flying Pig. If I was allowed to make racing plans, it would definitely be on my radar!

  4. I have heard great things about that race and I always think the name is kind of cute too.

  5. Ouuu Cincinnati sounds like such a fun place!! I’ll have to add that too my list!! <3

  6. It sounds like fun running through the city! Looks like you had fun at this race!

  7. having support makes a huggge difference for me too.

  8. I’ve never heard of this race but sounds like fun, love the name!

  9. I’ve heard great things about this race before too! What a fun time. Hope the start of your training goes well!

  10. This race has been on my race list for years! Maybe I will make it in 2017!

  11. As if we needed five reasons, but YAS! I’ll definitely look into it for 2018!:)

  12. Sounds like a lot of fun! Great post.

  13. Sounds like fun. I’ve actually never attended any runs or races. That might be my new goal for the new year.

  14. This marathon has been on my radar for years – fun race name and theme! Offering a tech shirt doesn’t hurt either! Have fun training for the race!

  15. My husband and I have run the flying pig almost every year since we moved to Cinci and we’ve been here 9 years. It’s one of my favorite races.


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