5 Reasons to Wear Running Compression

Do you wear running compression socks?

More and more often, I see runners wearing compression socks or sleeves in races, and in social media.  So, what’s the deal, are they necessary? Or just the trendy new fashion?

It’s Friday, (Yay for the weekend!) so here is my “Friday Five” for those that are curious about the benefits of adding compression gear to your running rituals.

Running Compression socks

Let me start by saying, this is all just my opinion…  I am not a doctor.

Personally, I like to wear my compression socks while racing, and during recovery from my long or tough runs.  I have tried quite a few different brands, and by far prefer Legend Compression.   They are softer than many I’ve tried, and don’t feel like they are cutting off all my circulation because they are too tight. (Like some brands do).

 (Full disclosure, I am an ambassador for Legend Compression, but that is only because I really do like their performance socks).

The Science of Compression

 1.  Improving Performance.  Compression socks claim to improve performance during a run/workout by improving blood circulation, and increasing oxygen levels.  There is some debate as to whether or not compression actually does aid in performance.

2.  Reduce Muscle Fatigue and Injuries.  Compression socks limit muscle movement, which reduces vibration during a run.  When you are running a marathon, or any long distance, your legs take quite a pounding!  Limiting the muscle movement can result in fewer cramps, shin splint relief,  and decreased fatigue.

 I can’t speak too much on the actual medical benefits of running with compression.  However, Since I started wearing compression socks when racing, my legs have felt much better.  I haven’t had any calf pain, and I have finished with much fresher legs than before wearing compression.


Other Benefits of Compression Socks

3.  Warmth. This may be my number one reason to wear my compression socks.   I like racing in shorts.  No matter the weather, I prefer shorts over tights during a race.  Because of that, my compression socks are perfect when it’s on the colder side during race day.  My bottom half of my legs feel covered but I don’t feel like my movement is restricted by tights.

4.  Protecting Your Legs.  Another great benefit of having the bottom half of your leg covered is protection.  Although, this mostly applies to trail runs.  When I’m on the trails with my tall socks, my legs aren’t scratched up and dirty.  Also, they protect my legs from ticks, which seem to be especially bad this year.



5.  Post Run Recovery.  While some debate the benefits of running in compression socks, there is agreement that compression can be beneficial in recovery.  After a tough run, compression can reduce soreness and muscle damage while restoring both leg strength and power.   So, even if you prefer not to run in compression, they can absolutely aid in recovery!  I usually like to wear them a few hours after long runs, or hard workouts, and I feel that recovery is much quicker that way.

Interested in trying Compression socks or sleeves yourself?   You can go to this link to save $15 off your next order!


Do you wear Compression socks/sleeves?  

Do you wear them during a run? Or just for recovery?



  1. I have a pair of compression socks sitting in my drawer and haven’t tried them out yet, haha. I’m the opposite of you though – I prefer tights in pretty much all weather compared to shorts – so in the winter I don’t necessarily need the extra warmth. I’m definitely going to try them out soon though just to see if I notice any difference in performance/fatigue.

  2. Thanks for the informative post! Learned a lot!

  3. As I make my half marathon packing list, I already have my compression socks on there 🙂 they’re soooo helpful!!

  4. Great post!
    I have tried a few brands of compression socks but have yet to find one that I really feel works for my muscular calves.

  5. I swear that wearing compressions socks post-run helps my legs recover faster!!! Love mine!

  6. I’m a long time fan of compression socks and tights. The tights feel awesome after an ultra.

  7. I’ve been thinking about getting some for my husband so this post was really helpful! I’ve never tried them myself so I wasn’t sure what they did!

  8. These are all great reasons! I don’t do a lot of running, but I wear compression socks when I’m on the plane and on super long car rides/drives! 😛 Definitely awesome for staying warmer in the winter too!

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