5 Essentials for a Long Run

Running is supposed to be simple; lace your shoes, and get out there.  

And for the most part, this holds true.

However, with my longer runs, I find myself constantly trying to figure out what I need to carry with me.  I know, I’m probably way over thinking things, but I have put a lot of thought and “trial and error” into what I carry with me.  I think I’ve finally figured it out.


So maybe I can save you a little trouble, by sharing with you the five things I carry on a long run.

1.  Hydration!  I usually don’t worry about this when I’m running under 13 miles, unless its a hot day.  But Hydration is so important!  I have tried carrying a water bottle, (Which drove me so crazy during my last marathon that I ditched it at about mile 21.  It was my husbands, and I still hear about how I owe him a new one).  😉  I’ve also tried the backpack style, and a waist belt.  Neither of which worked for me.  Planting a water bottle along my route also worked pretty well, but wasn’t always convenient.  Finally, I have landed on a handheld water bottle that straps around my hand.


At first I got creative and pulled out the duct tape.

The duct taped water bottle worked great for a while, but was still a little too big.  I ended up getting a Nathan QuickShot Plus, and I’m so glad I did!  The size is perfect, and the pouch carries everything else I may need.


Plus I love anything that comes in bright colors!

2. Fuel.  I’m not going to say much about this one.  It’s totally a matter of preference.  I have tried lots of different types, and my favorite is Sport Beans.


 I’ve tried GUs and similar gels, and they just don’t sit well in my stomach on the really long runs.  Instead, I just keep a pouch or two of these on me and snack on them throughout my run.  A little at a time seems to work best for me.

The next three items on my list could all be covered with my phone.  But my phone is always a hassle to carry…  Especially now that the trend is bigger phones.  I don’t love using an arm band, and just like with a hydration belt, the “fanny pack” that I carried my phone in would bounce around or rise up and irritate me too.

3. GPS Watch.  The first thing I got in an attempt to leave my phone at home was my GPS watch.  I had been using the Nikeplus running app on my phone, so to keep all my run records on one place, I went with the Nike+ SportWatch.


I’ve used it for about a year now, with very few problems.  However, when I did have a problem, their customer service was phenomenal!

4.  Music.  For those of you that run without music, I am amazed.  I absolutely have to have my music playing.


My IPod shuffle is the best way to get my music with the least amount of bother when I’m running.  Its so tiny and convenient, because It just clips on to my shirt.  I was so excited to get one of these last year.  Between this and my watch, I no longer needed my phone at all. Those are the two things that go with me on every run.  Long or short.

5.  Camera.  This last thing is the newest to me.  I have been running without my phone for a while now, and the only time I missed it was when I would see something awesome on my run.  From wildlife, to a gorgeous sunrise, or some street art.  So this month I got a Polaroid Cube.


It’s a tiny little action camera that also fits in my water bottle pouch.  I showed you a few pictures from it in my last post.  The pictures are great, and I really like having it during a long run.

In fact, I’m already super excited to see the pictures I get from my marathon, (that is now less than two weeks away)!!

There you have it, that’s what I have on me when I’m running.

What do you carry on a run?  What type of “running fuel” do you prefer?


  1. Thanks for sharing the camera! I’ve never heard of it!! So cool!! I’ll have to check that out!

    • No Problem! I’ve been looking for little cameras for a while, so when I saw this one I knew I HAD to have it. It was the only one I could find that was small enough to take any where. 🙂

  2. Whoa! That camera! Must get…thanks for sharing and good luck on your upcoming Marathon!

    • Thanks! I’m so unbelievably excited for my marathon!
      And seriously, the camera is great! (Because, really, if you don’t get a picture on a run, did it really happen)? 😉

  3. I am a much lighter long run runner! I just grab some gu, hydrate up before, know where water stations (or water fountains are) for my runs, and go! Do use my phone for tracking….But no photos or music! I like to just be in the moment! 🙂

    • I think that’s great! I can be and “in the moment” runner under 10 miles, but longer than that, and I’ll probably need a bit of a distraction. 😉

  4. I have an Amphipod water bottle waist pack – I have no idea how people run without water! I’ll throw some Honey Stingers Energy Chews in there if neccessary, and I also have my phone in an armband.

    • Do you like your waist pack? I haven’t tried that brand, but the ones I have tried bounce around or ride up… I find myself constantly readjusting during a run. 😛

  5. I got a bit bummed when the iphone got bigger. It’s so weird to run with in my hands so I have to figure out a way to run with it. I’m thinking about getting one of those waist bands that you can carry your things in. For now, everything(metro card, apt keys, id) goes in my sports bra which is crazy.Why didn’t you like yours? I don’t plan on taking water because I run in Central Park and I know where all the fountains are.

    • Yes! I’ve got a new Iphone, and its completely inconvenient to carry it any more.. I don’t even think it would still fit in the “fanny pack” I used to run with. My problem with the waist packs (esp. ones with water bottles), was that it would bounce around or ride up and I found myself constantly readjusting it during a run. That drove me crazy 😛

  6. That camera is so cute!
    My essentials are similar to yours, although I do carry my phone in a Spibelt ever since the time I got injured and had a long, lonely walk back to the car! I also wear Road ID and, if it’s cold, have a tissue as the cold weather makes my nose run!

    • I’ve thought about how I should have my phone on me in case something went wrong on a run… but its just so inconvenient to carry. 😛 Does the Spibelt bounce around much on a run?


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