My 2015 Goals


It is now two weeks into the new year, and I have been thinking quite a bit about what my goals for this year are.  I think I finally have a good start now to where I would like my running journey to go in 2015.

Here are my top 5 goals for this year:

First, I have a few race goals.  I would like to run a marathon under 4:20.  My last marathon, I ran in 4:35, and really felt like I could have have done better.  My next marathon, though, is the Blue Ridge Marathon and if you know anything about this race, it’s not exactly one that I’m going into expecting to PR.  So, I am looking into another marathon in early May.

I am also hoping for a sub 2hr half marathon.  I know this is totally doable for me, but I haven’t ran a half marathon in over a year, and my pace has really improved since my last half in 2013, (2hr 5min).

Second, I would like to do a little better about not falling of the wagon treadmill in the weeks following my marathons.  Last year, I ran 26.2 in May and November.  Not surprisingly, my worst mileage months were June and December.  By a LOT.  I would really like to be better with recovery, and still keep my fitness up.

Third, mileage!  For 2015, I’d like more than 1,500 miles.  That’s an average of 125 miles per month.  In 2014, I finished the year with 1,200 miles, and I’m pretty confident that if I can stick to my 2nd goal of not backing down after my marathons, I can totally reach my goal of 1,500 miles!

Fourth, is my blog.  In 2014, I got my feet wet.  In 2015 I really hope to make something of my little corner of the internet!  I’d really love to spend a little more time here and post more consistently!

Lastly, after completing a couple marathons, the thought has come up, “What next?”   Well, I am in no way done with marathons, (I really love the 26.2 distance!)   But, I think that this year I would like to give an ultra marathon a try!  I’m looking into the fall.  I’m not sure yet the location, or the distance, but that I something I would really love to accomplish this year!

2015 is Going to be an amazing year!

What are your goals for 2015?


  1. That Blue Ridge Marathon looks insane! Have you done it or the half before? This year, I’m trying to do more with my blog and perfect my half marathon. Good luck with your goals!

    • I haven’t run Blue Ridge before! That one was my husbands idea, and it makes me nervous… I’m warming up to the idea though, and actually starting to look forward to it! 😉
      Good luck with your goals as well!!

  2. Great goals for the year…all attainable!
    I am making huge blog changes this year, after 7 years. That is one of my biggest goals this year.

  3. These are great goals! 😀 Best of luck to you on the half, and your overall mileage this year! (I have issues with never wanting to go outside when it’s freezing cold, so my motivation goes way down in the winter ;_; ) I’m gonna have to learn to just suck it up and deal! 😛

  4. i have some a few half and im really looking into running a full. do you have a schedule you recommend to a newbie marathon thinking of running sometime in the Fall.

  5. Great goals – lots of good running planned – love it!

  6. Good luck with your goals for the year. They sound certainly sound achievable.
    I’d also like to PR in the marathon and half marathon this year so fingers crossed!

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