2014 Richmond Marathon Recap

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Well here it is, a few days after my marathon and I’m finally getting around to writing my recap.

What a fantastic weekend!

It began on Friday afternoon when we hopped in the car and headed to Richmond.  We had kind of a late start, and arrived at the expo just before they started closing up.  We took a quick tour of the booths, grabbed our packets and t shirts with out any problems, and headed back to my Sister-In-Law, Katie’s, house.  Where we all ate some Lasagna, chatted a bit, and went to bed early.  (I know, not super exciting, but there were five of us running the marathon in the morning, and we were all a little anxious to get some sleep!)


Of course, I didn’t get to sleep right away.

The forecast for the next morning was COLD, and in preparation, I had packed just about every article of running clothes I had!  But, once I worked out my outfit and got all my things together, I slept like a baby.  😉

I wasn’t too nervous about this race, just really excited to run!  I knew I had trained well, and unless something out of my control went wrong, I was going to have a great race!

Morning came quickly, and I was wide awake, with lots of time to get myself together and ready to go.  I had some coffee and my traditional race breakfast (banana with peanut butter, of course).  The temperature that morning was 27, (the coldest start at Richmond in 15 years!)   Luckily, we were dropped off right at the start with only enough time to visit the port a potties, and line up in our corrals.  So there wasn’t really any time to stand around and get cold!

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And we’re off!!

I immediately got rid of my throwaway jacket, (thanks Salvation Army!) and set off to enjoy my run!

My goals for this race were pretty simple.  I had a previous marathon time of 4:59 from the Flying Pig Marathon in the spring.  So my only real goal was to beat that time.  I was hoping for something between 4:30 and 5 hrs.  The closer to 4:30, the happier I would be!  (Of course, if you read my previous post, you would know that ultimately, I’d like to beat Oprah’s marathon time).  *Spoiler Alert*  That didn’t happen.  😉

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I planned on running this race with my husband.  We keep a pretty similar pace, and we’ve done all of our long runs together.  Plus, it was his first marathon, and I wanted to be there for it!  The first three miles or so, we kept it really slow.  We ran at an 11:15 pace, which was harder than you’d think, with everyone passing us!

But I told myself I would pass most of them again later.  😉

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After 3 miles, we picked up the pace just a bit, and ran about 11 min miles.  We caught up with Katie, and our friend Jeremy.  We stuck with those two for about 3 miles, and had a lot of fun.

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I’ve mentioned before how beautiful a city Richmond is, and that is especially true on Saturday.  They really know how to put on a race!

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After crossing the bridge, and heading down to run along the river, Zach and I picked up the pace again, and said goodbye to Jeremy and Katie.

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Along the river, I got really cold again!  But, it is by far the prettiest part of the course!  The scenery was gorgeous, and the leaves were such perfect Autumn colors!  We ran about 10 min/mile until the water stop at around mile 8, where we refilled our waters, and sped up again.

for the next 10 miles or so, we cruised along between a 9:20 and 9:40/mile pace.


Smiles for our little cheering section!


Not sure if you can read the sign, but the price of gas was $2.62.  Coincidence?!

Miles 18-21 were a just a little slower, but we were still at about a 10 min/mile pace.  Which was right there at my goal time.  At about 22 miles though, Zach was wearing out a bit, and had some leg pains.  At that point, we started walking the water stops, with a couple stops to stretch it out a little.

We got it together though, and were able to run in the last two miles.  I don’t know if you’ve ran in Richmond before, but the finish is a steep downhill, which may sound great, but actually, after 26 miles, my legs were screaming down that hill!  It is really a wonder that I didn’t end up rolling down to the finish line.

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All in all, the race went just as well as I could have hoped!  Official time was 4:35:33!  Just where I was hoping to be, and knocking 24 minutes off my Flying Pig time!

The only real problem I did have afterwards was an upset stomach, (which means I still haven’t figured out fueling during a race).  So, for about 30 minutes after I finished, I was laying out in the grass behind the med tent, soaking up the sun, and not moving at all, until the  nausea passed.


Love the fleece blanket that Richmond gives to all half and full finishers!

This was my 2nd time running Richmond, (last year, I ran the half).  They are touted as America’s Friendliest Marathon and I can totally see why!  Its a great race, a great course, and the volunteers and spectators are wonderful!  (Even when its super cold!)


I am so proud of these two!  They did awesome and can now call themselves Marathoners!

If you are looking for a Fall marathon, I would definitely recommend Richmond!

I’ll leave you with this: a picture of possibly the most perfect post marathon meal…


Yes. That barbecue was just as good as it looks!

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  1. congrats to your and your husband! what a great day 🙂

    • Thanks! Congrats to you and yours as well!
      I did keep an eye out for your Oiselle singlet to say “hi,” but there were a lot of people there Saturday… 😉

  2. Congrats!! You crushed your PR!!

    • Thanks!! (I kinda did, didn’t I?) 😉
      I don’t think I’ll be seeing that kind of difference again anytime soon…

  3. Congratulations! A PR is such a great feeling. Beating Oprah is still my goal too! Hopefully I will get her in two months when I run my third. I really enjoyed your list of celebs who have run marathons, we have both beaten Katie Holmes so we have that going for us 😉

  4. Congrats! You had an awesome finishers time and it sounds like a really fun race!

  5. Congratulations! wiping that much off your PB is an amazing achievement! …I can only dream of doing a marathon…maybe one day I will!


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